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DE CHAN NO.44. Owner Name: GUO, SZE-FAN. Owner Address: 4F., No.49, Yongfu St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 80261, Taiwan (R.O.C.). Master Name:.

Aug 14, 2019 ... 2012 Oct;44(11):819-24. doi: 10.1055/s-0032-1321909. ... Chan LS(1), Yue PY, Kok TW, Keung MH, Mak NK, Wong RN. ... we attempted to link up the Rb1- promoted adipogenesis with PPARγ binding and miR-27b regulation.

mir-44 (MIcro RNA). Species: Caenorhabditis elegans. Sequence: ZK930.10. Other names: cel-mir-44, CELE_ZK930.10. Type: miRNA. Gene class: mir.

Mar 19, 2009 ... Expression of miR-146a was also found to be inducible by TNF-α and IL-1β, and further ... Pu.1 may be responsible for the normal generation of Ig class-switched plasma cells [44]. ... Corresponding author: E.K.L. Chan, Dept.

Dec 15, 2015 ... Patricia P. Chan, ... Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 44, Issue D1, 4 January 2016, Pages D184–D189,

Feb 15, 2016 ... We also identify a downregulation of miR-150 in CD46-costimulated T ... RNU-44 and RNU-38B were used for miRNA endogenous controls. ... Kemper C.,; A. C. Chan,; J. M. Green,; K. A. Brett,; K. M. Murphy,; J. P. Atkinson.

Dec 13, 2017 ... Expression of miR-340 and SRGAP1 displayed a reverse relationship in ... 44. Kang W, Tong JH, Chan AW, Lee TL, Lung RW, Leung PP, et al.

Apr 22, 2015 ... A maximum energy density of 44 W h kg−1 with a power density of 11.2 kW kg−1 ... Mir Mousavi would like to thank the Tarbiat Modares University ... M. Kaempgen , C. K. Chan , J. Ma , Y. Cui and G. Gruner , Nano Lett., 2009, ...

Oct 5, 2019 ... We observed that EBV-miR-BART22 not only promoted tumor stemness ... and CD44 in miR-BART22-overexpressing cells were significantly higher ... Wu C.X.; Wang X.Q.; Chok S.H.; Man K. Tsang S.H.Y.; Chan A.C.Y.; et al.

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